Thursday, April 14, 2011

Podcast, Vidcast/Vodcast, Webcast

I posted this on the oncourse site this week because I was the cool resource provider! I wanted to post on here is see if I could find an more information on these sort of things...

With all the new developments we have several opportunities to help children/young adults/adults learn. Podcasts, webcast, vidcast/vodcasting are some of the options… we can use them in conjunction with blogs, facebooks, apps and twitter. These technologies combined create a powerful tool for teachers, educators and students to learn and share experiences within a learning environment.
I found several interesting items on Youtube this week… this are shared from Teacher Professional Development.
Integrate podcasts in Math -
Use podcasts in Collaborative Assignments -
Teachers are you worried about security of podcasts…
Field trips can even be virtual!?!
For those who are interested in Vodcasting…. I found an interesting resource
Would you consider using vodcasting in your classroom, advantages, disadvantages?
Have you used podcasting for learning? Do you see problems with using these technologies? There are many cool apps for the iPhone and iPad do you use these? What are your favs?


  1. Wow! You found a ton of really neat resources here. I'm going to have to include some of them in my final project (a list of video resources relating to each topic in the class)


  2. A second note regarding virtual field trips: I posted in my blog recently about getting to see the acclaimed film "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," about the Chauvet Caves in Southern France. Between the care the film crew took to show as much of the caves as possible and the 3D technology used, it felt like I was really there in the cave. I wonder how long it will be until we start seeing more 3D virtual tours online.

  3. Just like Barbara, I would also say "wow" :) So many youtube videos. This is fun...

    For vodcasting, I might use it in my classroom. But, the cons is, it would be time consuming to design and prepare the content to meet our needs/goal. But other than that this is another good alternative for learning.