Thursday, April 14, 2011

Educational Blogging

Happy Spring, its 70 here in Btown! YAY!

This week we talk about Educational blogging and how we use this to our advantage. I was new to this at the beginning of this class but I really like the blogging world. Its nice to write comments your thoughts and get feedback.

For educational purposes I see the use of blogging a a tool to learn more about a subject. Students can use blogs to post comments get feedback etc. What do you think about educational blogging? Helpful? or not?


  1. Blogs are just like any other learning object: you can tailor them to the lessons you're trying to teach, really build them into the objectives for the lesson, and they can be immensely useful. But, using them just for the sake of using them is much less effective! I had a class where the instructor asked us to use Wikis, but I still to this day cannot figure out for the life of me how they supported any of the lessons we were learning. I always roll my eyes when I see a new teacher has implemented a tool like blogging because I've seen it poorly done a lot more often than I've seen it done well. Dr. Bonk has given me hope this semester, and I hope to impart these lessons on my fellow educators one day.

    -Barb (who has been having trouble signing in to leave a comment here)

  2. Thank you for giving so many valuable comments on my blog, Christina. I like your blog. For international students like me, your words' choice is easy to digest. It's making me comfortable to read it.

    I think blogging for students is very beneficial. It’s not only teach them to be a good writer, but also teach their critical thinking, design/layout skills, digging various information from various sources, become flexible and able to accept various point of view, understand that people are different in some aspects, etc.

  3. Hi, Christina -- I'm going to chime in here for a brief moment. The blogging world was new to me this semester, but I have discovered several uses for it. Since I home school, I have considered starting a family blog in which we share school projects, etc. I also see the potential for a blog for each of my children (the older ones) as a means of encouraging writing abilities. I have yet to do these things, but that's what I'm thinking :)