Thursday, April 21, 2011

Final Posts for the Class

Hi all!

Blogging has been fun this semester. I have received good feedback from my of my classmates. I did a YouTube video for my final project. I was fun and exciting to make. After I receive my grade I will post it up on this site for all to see.

This week our discussion was about podcasting, coursecasting. etc.

I would like to share with you a resources I found. This person is a active blogger and uses Web 2.0 technologies in his school. Visit

Have fun and blog on...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Educational Blogging

Happy Spring, its 70 here in Btown! YAY!

This week we talk about Educational blogging and how we use this to our advantage. I was new to this at the beginning of this class but I really like the blogging world. Its nice to write comments your thoughts and get feedback.

For educational purposes I see the use of blogging a a tool to learn more about a subject. Students can use blogs to post comments get feedback etc. What do you think about educational blogging? Helpful? or not?

Podcast, Vidcast/Vodcast, Webcast

I posted this on the oncourse site this week because I was the cool resource provider! I wanted to post on here is see if I could find an more information on these sort of things...

With all the new developments we have several opportunities to help children/young adults/adults learn. Podcasts, webcast, vidcast/vodcasting are some of the options… we can use them in conjunction with blogs, facebooks, apps and twitter. These technologies combined create a powerful tool for teachers, educators and students to learn and share experiences within a learning environment.
I found several interesting items on Youtube this week… this are shared from Teacher Professional Development.
Integrate podcasts in Math -
Use podcasts in Collaborative Assignments -
Teachers are you worried about security of podcasts…
Field trips can even be virtual!?!
For those who are interested in Vodcasting…. I found an interesting resource
Would you consider using vodcasting in your classroom, advantages, disadvantages?
Have you used podcasting for learning? Do you see problems with using these technologies? There are many cool apps for the iPhone and iPad do you use these? What are your favs?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mobile, Wirless and Ubiquitous Learning

This week we are discussing Moblie learning. There were many helpful tidbits this week. I will share a few with you...

 Sharon Jayson (2010, December 30). The year we stopped talking. USA Today, Dec 30, 2010.
Marc Parry (2010, October 10). Will Technology Kill the Academic Calendar?
Online, semesters give way to students who set their own schedules, Chronicle of Higher Education.

  Marco R. della Cava (2010, March 31). It's an app world, and it could swallow all computing. USA TODAY.

I really enjoyed reading the tidbits this week. I also found several interesting vidoe on mobile learning on youtube.

I believe that mobile learning is a wave of the future and our children will have a much easier time with it than us BUT I also think that being connected all the time is a burden. We are always checking our phones and we feel like we should be connected. What happened to the days of silence, where we are not hearing ringing, beeping and songs. Should we take the time to stop and catch our breathe before we just into the next new thing? I don't know... silence is golden or is it?

Gaming, VR, and Simulations

This week we discussed gaming and how gaming and VR affect learning. Second life was one of the things discussed in our group. If you don't know what second life is see.

Learning in this environment can be challenging or easy depends on the person. How gaming affects learning is very interesting me considering I have son that are heavy gamers. It shows them a pseduo world and that can be very hard to explain, as a parent. I don't know but I don't want my child transfering his actions in the game to real life! What do you think?