Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mobile, Wirless and Ubiquitous Learning

This week we are discussing Moblie learning. There were many helpful tidbits this week. I will share a few with you...

 Sharon Jayson (2010, December 30). The year we stopped talking. USA Today, Dec 30, 2010.
Marc Parry (2010, October 10). Will Technology Kill the Academic Calendar?
Online, semesters give way to students who set their own schedules, Chronicle of Higher Education.

  Marco R. della Cava (2010, March 31). It's an app world, and it could swallow all computing. USA TODAY.

I really enjoyed reading the tidbits this week. I also found several interesting vidoe on mobile learning on youtube.

I believe that mobile learning is a wave of the future and our children will have a much easier time with it than us BUT I also think that being connected all the time is a burden. We are always checking our phones and we feel like we should be connected. What happened to the days of silence, where we are not hearing ringing, beeping and songs. Should we take the time to stop and catch our breathe before we just into the next new thing? I don't know... silence is golden or is it?


  1. "being connected all the time is a burden."

    Tell me about it! I'm the worst at this. SociaLens, an organization based here at IU, has a really good post on how there is a very big difference between digital literacy and digital fluency here that I think you'll like. Let me know what you think! Heck, let THEM know what you think.


  2. Thank you for sharing the video from Youtube, Christina.. Can we live without mobile phones? For some people mobile learning can be an option for learning. But for me at this time, I'd prefer other ways to learn. Well, it's just because we have becoming so dependence to mobile phone. I need to do other stuff beyond mobile phone use. But it's just my opinion. I know other people might have different preference.