Monday, February 28, 2011

Connectivism and Social Knowledge

Happy last day of Feb everyone! ;)

Over the past week we have learned about Connectivism and Social Knowledge, since I really didn't know a lot of how this plays a role in learning and teaching so I decided to learn a bit more about it. For those who are or was in the same boat as I... here is the definition of Connectivism.

Social Knowledge is the act of learning, sharing and connecting with people online through technology and online communities (or at least that what I think). :)

I can see how this play a role in the learning especially young children who interact on social networks daily. The amount of information available to the hands to kids is unreal. Related to this the questions are is the information they see accurate information? Do they question information they see online? or do they believe everything they read? Do they have search overload? 

I don't know the answers to these questions but I always tell my children don't believe everything you read online. Search a subject more .... don't read someones blog and take that as fact! Anyhow, just some thoughts....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Open Courseware

This week in class week learned about Open Courseware (OCW). I believe that this will open up many oppotunities for learning. I found some more information on this at

I think this will benefit children that are being homeschooled or people that like to learn online. However, I do believe that a classroom setting helps children learn and is essential to the learning process. Depending on the learning style of your child, whether she/he is a self starter, hands-on, or a book worm will determine how much the OCW will help with learning.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Source Software

I agree that there are many great opportunities with open source software, it does provide us opportunities to tap into the knowledge of other people in the world. However, I am not a big fan of Linux, perhaps that is because I am a windows baby. I was around to see the development of windows and used windows 3.1. I am dating my age, but I was a young one then. :)

I have worked with people in the past who would never use anything but open source and I understand more now than then why open source is important. I realize that using the world's knowledge to more powerful than a team of programmers programming in a basement of Microsoft. I don't want to say either OS is better they just have different ways of development. I guess I am open minded when it comes to this. I think the idea of open high school (link on the class site) is a great idea.

Open source resource for the week...

Blended Learning

There are several opinions when it comes to blended learning. I think that it provides us with many opportunities to learn without going to F2F classroom. Our children will definitely have different opportunities than us with the development of online learning.

I have a niece that got her BA degree completely online. She has a great job and was able to understand the courses online. She felt like she learned a lot but later on after getting her job, she wished she had taken the face 2 face classes. She felt like interaction (hands-on) learning would have benefited her. Her degree is in computer systems. She felt like she benefited from online learning because she had been out of school for years but she thought classroom learning would have been easier for her. As an adult learner, I like the mix and online and classroom learning. I think we have developed a way for the adult learner generation to get the education we need without going a sitting in a classroom of 20 year old young adults. No offense, it can be intimidating....