Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blended Learning

There are several opinions when it comes to blended learning. I think that it provides us with many opportunities to learn without going to F2F classroom. Our children will definitely have different opportunities than us with the development of online learning.

I have a niece that got her BA degree completely online. She has a great job and was able to understand the courses online. She felt like she learned a lot but later on after getting her job, she wished she had taken the face 2 face classes. She felt like interaction (hands-on) learning would have benefited her. Her degree is in computer systems. She felt like she benefited from online learning because she had been out of school for years but she thought classroom learning would have been easier for her. As an adult learner, I like the mix and online and classroom learning. I think we have developed a way for the adult learner generation to get the education we need without going a sitting in a classroom of 20 year old young adults. No offense, it can be intimidating....

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  1. Hi Christina,

    Based on my experience, I think face to face class is more easier than online class. There are so many assignments on online class. Also, sometimes I feel that I couldn't get enough feedback from the lecturer. Like this semester I took an online class (not this class, hehe) which is horrible. The contents are beyond my expectation. The online quiz that was held for this class seemed not fair. I already followed the instruction, but I ended up with a message on my laptop screen that the system might not save all my answer. What???!! I'm so angry with this class. This is the worst ever. I hope you'll never experience this :(

    Christina, I also want to share this article:
    John Watson, Butch Gemin, Evergreen Consulting Associates, and Marla Coffey. (2010). A Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Right Online Program. North American Council for Online Learning. Retrieved on April 21, 2011 from: http://www.inacol.org/research/promisingpractices/docs/NACOL_PP-ParentsGuide-lr.pdf

    This article is describing various reasons why people prefer online course than face to face course: (1) students who are seeking courses that would not be available at their local school, (2) students who are seeking accelerated coursework or a class to make up for lost credit, (3) students who might have not had success in the traditional face-to-face school setting, (4) students who wish to learn in their own learning style and pace, (5) students with medical conditions that couldn’t attend traditional face-to-face schooling, (6) people (e.g. teen parents, student athletes, performers and children of military personnel) who move frequently, (7) students who want to fulfill the requirement of some states that requires them to have an online learning experience as a condition for high school graduation, (8) as a preparation to enter college and career which will likely deal with online learning.