Monday, January 31, 2011

Sudden rise of eReaders...

There has been a lot of talk about the rise of eReaders lately. We have been discussing these in class. So the question is do you like them or not? Many people like having the book in hand many prefer to read electronically. To me it all depends on the content. I like the electronic version but when I am studying I would rather have the book in hand. I think to write on it, take notes etc..

As for the future I see eReaders becoming a common thing. Students are already being offered electronic textbooks, the iPad is so popular I can see students using it for class items. I already here of some schools offering check out Kindles or NOOKs. This means that my child could possibly bring a kindle home one day. I can see the good and the bad! One bad eReading is not great on the eyes... it makes me have a headache if I do it to long.

I don't know, what do you think? Good, Bad?? Comments?

An article for the week on eReading...


  1. I'm a champ at reading lots of text on a computer screen; in fact, it's my preferred medium, because I can highlight as I go along without damaging anything. But I suffer from migraines, so I have to be careful; one thing that has definitely triggered headaches for me is white text on a black background. I want to wage war on that particular design technique.


  2. I am still found that physical paper is better for my self to read. I always felt dizzy and hurt in my eyes if I read too much from screen. I think I am not ready to force myself to be a digital person.

    I think it doesn't matter if you prefer to read from paper or from computer's screen or other digital devices. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, I guess.

    So, here is the advantage of E-book: First, it is portable and efficient because you can carry everywhere lots and lots of books in your hand. With physical books, I believe you would have a limitation on the ability to grab and carry them around. Second, it has search function. Unlike the physical book, since e-book is in electronic format, you can easily search for a certain keyword. Third, the electronic book’s price is cheaper than physical book. Forth, by using electronic book, you already save lots of trees/forest. Despite its advantage, e-book also has some disadvantages, i.e. (1) the electronic book that we’ve bought can not be re-sell. (2) We save trees/forest by using electronic books, but at the other hand we also use electricity. It means that we save an energy but spending another energy as a replacement to the energy that we had save.

    So, I guess it doesn't matter, Christina, as long as you still love to read :)