Friday, January 21, 2011

Digital Literacy Skills

After posting the reply about the articles on Oncourse today. I wanted to find out about more information on the iGeneration. I went out in search articles about the topic. I found some interesting articles see below.

I also found an article related to the link that I posted yesterday. Could facebook be the cause of students not learning as much in college? See this

79% of facebook users say that facebook has no impact on their academics. Really? I think that it will impact them significantly. Facebook is a time consumer and if you get caught up talking to friends and playing FB games, you can be online all day without even realizing how much time has past.

This week post includes a funny pics! Enjoy :)

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  1. Haha, I’m addicted to facebook. Everytime I’m online, then 80% of it I will log-on to facebook. I’m not sure whether my style in using facebook will give impact on my academic performance or not. I think this can be a good research topic . But, what I know for sure is, facebook is really helping me to relieve my stress after staring for a long time in front of laptop for article reading or typing assignments. It also helps me to connect with all of my families in Indonesia and other countries like Canada and Germany. I really thank facebook for this….

    One of the articles that you’ve provided- The dumbest generation, is very interesting. But, I am not quite agreed with it. I mean we couldn’t generalize that gen Y are the dumbest generation just because they do online and texting a lot. In order to come to this conclusion, the standard to measure someone’s intelligence need to be defined more clearly. This is a flaw. But, I do realize that myself now (i.e. after being exposed to internet) do not have a good memorization skills, because there a confidence in me that I can always count on internet if I do not know about something.